No Surprises Act: What you need to know

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At Oregon Specialty Group, we care about your financial protection and wellness. Here are the steps we take to protect our patients from surprise and unwarranted bills.

  • When any of our providers is out-of-network, we will not bill for amounts greater than your insurance company allows.
  • The No Surprise Act requires good-faith estimates for self pay and uninsured patients at least three days before the scheduled service, or upon request. A good-faith estimate is an advanced explanation of the cost of treatment and insurance benefits that will be applied to the treatment.
  • When you talk with a financial counselor, they can help you look for copay assistance programs and treatment grants, as well as establish manageable payment plans.
  • As always, it’s essential that you update your insurance when you check in at any of our providers. If you are not asked about your insurance at each visit, we aren’t doing all we can to protect you from unnecessary patient charges.

Has one of our Financial Counselors talked with you about  your treatment plan costs? If not, ask reception or call the office for a private consultation.

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