Open Letter to Regence Regarding Reduced Rates

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Dear Regence,

The doctors at Oregon Oncology Specialists share your commitment to providing high-quality, affordable cancer care to our patients close to home. We invite you to work with us to find new ways to manage costs, while continuing to offer the advanced care our patients expect and deserve.

Unfortunately, we have determined that your new contract rates would threaten the quality of our clinical programs and prevent us from caring for Regence cancer patients. The new rates are the lowest of any commercial payer in our practice and are simply not financially sustainable.

We understand the importance of keeping our costs as low as possible, and we already charge 10% less than all oncology practices in the region. Last year, to cut costs, our doctors accepted a 20% reduction in pay. National data show that independent practices like ours are the most affordable way to provide care in our community.

We believe that collaboration between payers and providers is the best way to contain costs and maintain quality. We hope that you are open to working together to find the best way forward. Our cancer patients are counting on us to find a solution, so they don’t have to leave the Salem area to find the best possible care.  

Please consider meeting with us soon to talk about our next steps. We look forward to working with you on behalf of our patients.


Bud Pierce, M.D., Ph.D.
Catherine O’Brien, M.D.
Charles G. Petrunin, M.D.
Janelle Meyer, M.D.
John M. Strother, M.D.
Natasha Tiffany, M.D.
Nicholas Barber, M.D.
Renee Prins, M.D.

Oregon Oncology Specialists

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